Furniture Repair in Gilbert, AZ

Sometimes people think new is better…and sometimes it is, depending on what you’re talking about.  A new car is normally nicer than one that’s 10 years old.  A new dress is more appealing than one that’s been hanging in the closet for three years.  A new watch may have more gadgets on it than the one left to you by your Dad.

​The point, really, is that new things can be more attractive.  They’re also more costly and they’re not always the quality you imagined them to be.  Kitchen cabinetry is no exception.  

Phoenix Refinishing​
That’s why Furniture Medic Solutions in Phoenix suggests you think about cabinet refinishing in your kitchen rather than cabinet replacement.  Consider:  Most of the kitchen cabinets in your home came with the house.  If you have wooden ones—yes, we mean real wood—count yourself blessed because most cabinets today are made of particle board or even less-desired materials.  Sure, you can get wooden ones, but here comes that cost factor again.  Custom or semi-custom wood cabinets can run anywhere from $450 to $1400 per linear foot!  

​If you already have wood cabinets, why would you want to incur the cost of tearing them out, then paying for another set, especially at those prices?   Furniture Medic can do cabinet repair, cabinet refinishing or even cabinet re-facing for a fraction of the cost of installing new ones.  You still get the new, refreshed look you want, and you’ll be smiling even more because more of your money will still be in your wallet.  Plus, if you want to add more cabinets, we can match your existing ones.

​Furniture Medic can give you an estimate (in person or based on photos you send us), and we will listen to you describe the look you want.  Then, we’ll help you make decisions to achieve your dream.  Tired of painted cabinets?  We can re-face them with a wood stain.  Tired of natural wood?  We can help you add color to your kitchen.  

Wood Refinishing Phoenix

​Furniture Medic Solutions is a full service shop dedicated to creating, building, and restoring any type of wood in your home.  Our expert craftsmen perform all types of wood refinishing work, from repairing and refurbishing antiques, to furniture repair, and of course, cabinet refinishing.  

We have already agreed that sometimes new is more desirable, but isn’t a fully restored 1957 Chevy something you’d be proud to show off?   Isn’t your Dad’s watch more special because he wore it instead of the one that only has a button to gauge how much you walk in a day?   Can’t you accessorize that three-year old dress with a beautiful new necklace which you can buy with the money saved on your cabinet refinishing?

Furniture Medic can help.  Call us today!

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